The Art of Strategy
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We admit it: we're not perfect. It comes as no surprise to us, then, that our book isn't perfect either. Here is the list of corrections and clarifications to the book (so far).

p. 17: The first footnote should read:

Between 1992 and 2000, the majority of incumbent congressmen in a challenged race had at least 84 percent of the total campaign spending backing them up. Of those races, only one (out of 905) resulted in a loss for the incumbent. That one incumbent, Dan Rostenkowski, was under indictment on seventeen counts of extortion, obstruction of justice, and misuse of funds.

p. 94: The first two sentences of paragraph 3 should read: A "most-favored-customer" clause says that the seller will offer this customer the best price they offer to any of their customers. Taken at face value, it seems that a manufacturer who makes such a promise is guaranteeing its most-favored-customers low prices.

p. 95, line 2: Garrett's last name is Hardin, not Harding.

*p.105, lines 7–8:(42 × 20) × 1,960 = 43,120 should read (42 − 20) × 1,960 = 43,120.

*p.105, p.121, table: Both numbers in the bottom right cell should be 36,720 rather than 36,700.

p. 107, Trip to the Gym No. 3: Add on this sentence: (Hint: You will have to consider lower prices—down to $33—for both firms, especially Rainbow's End.)

p. 138, line 3: Replace "than all the rest of its strategies" with "than at least one of its other strategies."

*p. 150: The second (and last) sentence of Rule 5 should say:

The proportions in your mix should be such that the opponent cannot exploit your choice by pursuing any particular pure strategies from the ones available to him—that is, you get the same average payoff when your mixture is pitted against each of the pure strategies in his mixture.**

** One word of caution: The other player may use only a subset of his available pure strategies in his mixture, because the others would give him a particularly low payoff (or give you a particularly good payoff). The equilibrium solution will tell you which strategies are active in his mixture. See Dixit and Skeath, Games of Strategy, 210–212.

p. 163, 1st paragraph, line 8: Replace "or less than 1 in a quadrillion (a billion billion)!" with "or about 1 in 500 trillion!"

p. 250, line 5: "what proportion of the population is talented" should say "what proportion of the population is untalented"

p. 261, paragraph 3, line 2: "The columns do not correspond..." should read "The rows do not correspond..."

p. 273, paragraph 4, line 2: Change "in chapter 4" to "in chapter 3".

p. 310, 2nd paragraph, line 4: Change "...the second highest proxy bid." to "...the second highest proxy bid (plus a dollar)."

*p. 360: The first sentence of paragraph 5 should read: The challenges of voting in a three-way race haven't just helped Republicans.

p. 383, paragraph 2, line 7: Change "senate majority leader" to "president pro tempore of the senate".

p. 412, paragraph 2, line 6: Change "even or odd (denoted by black or red)" to "even or odd (or equivalently, black or red)".

*p. 417: The equation at the top of the page should be $105(50/X) + $90((X − 50)/X) = $90 + $15(50/X).

p. 445, paragraph 2, line 7: Replace "£34" with "£22".

*p. 449, table: Cell B9 should say 43,260 rather than 41,260.

p. 450: Extend paragraph to read:

The Excel spreadsheet is easily modified by changing RE's cost figure in cell J2 from 20 to 11.60. Note that for space reasons, we have just printed a selection of a larger table where we considered prices from $42 down to $33. (How do you know how big a table to make ex ante? You don't want the maximum to occur at the boundary as that leaves the possibility that an even higher or lower price would be better.)

*p. 450, table: Cells A2–A6 should say 37, 36, 35, 34, 33 in that order. Cell A21 should say 36.

*p. 451, table: Rainbow's End's prices (in the leftmost column) should be 37, 36, 35, 34, 33 rather than 38, 37, 36, 35, 34.

* indicates errors that appear in the hardcover edition, but were corrected in the paperback.


Copyright © 2008 by Avinash Dixit and Barry Nalebuff