The Art of Strategy
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Here are some links that are worth exploring:

For the best collection of links to books, movies, and reading lists on game theory and its application, see

Check out Wikipedia's article on game theory and related pages for more detail on the battle of the sexes, chicken, and other game theoretic topics. Wikipedia also has a useful article on Nim-type games.

Want to see the coordination game and Barry's weight loss strategies in action? Go to the ABC News store to purchase DVDs of these Primetime episodes—Game Theory: 3/16/06 and Basic Instincts – Part 3 – Game Theory: 12/20/06. You can also view a short clip of the first program here.

To see a video of Keith Chen and Marc Hauser's experiment regarding reciprocation and cooperation in tamarin monkeys, go here.

This U.S. government web site provides a list of the most popular New Year's Resolutions and links for more information.

If you are interested in the idea of textbook licenses, check out the proposal of Professor Michael Granof, an early advocate.

The Why Not? Idea Exchange, a spin-off of Barry Nalebuff's book Why Not? (with Ian Ayres), is an open forum for innovative solutions to everyday problems. For more information on his other book, Co-opetition with Adam Brandenburger, go to the web site.

Be sure to check out Honest Tea, the organic bottled iced tea company that Barry cofounded.

Gambit is a good free and open source computer program for drawing trees, setting up game tables, and computing solutions. Another program that calculates solutions is ComLabGames; it also allows you to experiment with and analyze games and their outcomes over the Internet.

There is software available online that lets you experiment with tipping in various conditions of heterogeneity and crowding of populations. Two such programs are Segregation and The Schelling Segregation Model Demo.

Rock Paper Scissors
Visit the World RPS Society: for the official rules of play and various guides to strategy. You can also find out more information about the annual RPS World Championships.

Rock Paper Scissors can turn up in some pretty unexpected places. One of our favorite instances in recent memory was when a judge in Florida ordered two lawyers in an insurance lawsuit to play a game to settle a petty dispute. Read the full article.


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